Introducing “Reginald” our 1947 Rover 12

The Rover 12 was a name given to several medium-sized family cars built by the British Rover car company between 1905 and 1948.

Reggie has been fully restored and looks as good as the day he left the factory floor, well almost as good…

This is “May” our 1953 Triumph Mayflower

The Triumph Mayflower is a four-seat small luxury car noted for its razor-edge styling. It was built by the Standard Motor Company and sold by Standard’s subsidiary, The Triumph Motor Company. The Mayflower was replaced by the Standard Eight in 1953.

“Olive” our 1966 Triumph 1300 FWD Saloon

The Triumph 1300 is a medium/small 4-door saloon car that was made between 1965 and 1970 by Standard Triumph in Coventry

1968 Triumph Herald 1360 Saloon – “Harriet”

The Triumph Herald burst onto the scene in 1959 and instantly became a family favourite, it is a small two-door car introduced by Standard-Triumph of Coventry and was made through to 1971.

“Ruby” is our Rover 75 V6 saloon

Widely regarded as a retro classic these days, the Rover 75 was perhaps the best car to emerge from Longbridge and offers a restful and stylish ride today.